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More buiness advice requested

Looking for advice. I need to buy web design software preferabley something that works with databasing. But it needs to be fairly gui based as I'm not very technical. So unless someone offers to do my websites in hwich case that impacts what ...I buy what do my friends suggest? I'll be designing 6 websites. More in comments,

Two are personal, including redoing my lennhoff.com site from scratch and adding a blog. 2 will be for our own graphic designs which I want to database as I think that will be the easiest way to add new graphics to categories and link them to the stores (zazzle & cafe press and a few others) where products can be bought with our graphics on them... Read More. One will be my partners personal website which will link to our other sites as well as possibly include a blog. And 2 will be for non-profits that we are proposing to set up online, for free, permanent fundraisers using zazzle and hopefully including their logos as well as donated "permission to use" digital versions of artwork. And finally I am doing a site for my nephew who takes increadible pictures and so I want to set up a database based website for his artwork which will be sold on zazzle.

Pretty ambition for someone who has no web design experience beyond FrontPage. So any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance you can give me.
Tasha Turner Lennhoff

Updates & requests for help

I've been sick, depression, hibernation mode for the last few months and not online a lot except to play games.  I'm starting to come out of that.  On that note I wanted to mention a few things related to my business and help I could use related to them.

I've bene a bit more active on FB as it seems to be easier to do a quick update there then it does here where I feel like I have to have something important to say.

On that note I'm going to repost a few things from FB related to my business and help I'm looking for.

I'm looking for help related to my businesses. I need a few people that are willing to be part of an unofficial panel to help me with an idea I have. I'm looking for a few artist - professional and amateurs as well as some people in the non-profit field.  What I need help with is creating a document where artist release permission to use their work but not sign over their work to non-profits to be included in the non-profit stores (and possibly framed prints put up for sale at auctions") I'm setting up. You can learn about my new business from our still-draft/in-progress website http://compugraphsolutions.com/ . We are still in the early stages and have only approached 3 businesses so far. Our first client store can be found at http://tinyurl.com/jfvs-zazzle . I intend to redo the design and could use feedback on the text.  Do you understand what the busienss is based on the text? What questions do you have after you've surfed the website?  All feedback is welcome. Also any sugestions for non-profits or small businesses that you think might want to use our service are welcome.  Feel free to comment here or to email me through my profile.

I have a lot to do on the website and any advice is appreciated. I'll be redoing it as I learn how to use CSS and hopefully I'll learn enough to be able to make the zazzle fundraising stores look similar to the non-profit's websites we handle. Any thoughts and advice appreciated. If you are willing to be on our unofficial advisory committee please comment or email me.  We are new to this and could use all the help we can get.  Future goals include helping to train others to do something similar with non-profits & small businesses in their area.  And we are willing to include credits on our various websites to those that help with creating them and editing them and helping those that help us with being references and being part of their portfolio. 

On another note a number of my friends may get email or see LJ post asking about being on a different unoficial advisory committee. We have several businessess that are starting and some are for a very specific communitee where I will be looking for advice from people in that communittee but generally we will not have the businesses too closely linked.  So if you get an email (or see a filtered post) please let me know if you are willing to help with that end.

And finally I'm also looking for people that are willing to help me as I learn CSS and as I learn to create a couple websites based on databases for our graphic design business that is tied into zazzle & cafepress.

I'm really stretched thin and not getting as far as I'd like. We are unable to pay for design for the websites but are willing to pay a share of the profits from the websites if someone is willing to do the design.  I have the navigation designed and much of the text started. And I'm willing to help in other ways / bartering of sorts for my skills and your skills. Debbie Israel and I would really like to see some income coming in from the several businesses we are starting but both of us are feeling pretty overwhelmed at this time.

So that is what is going on with us at the moment.
Tasha Turner Lennhoff

Shabbos menu help needed

Menu help needed.  Friday night we are doing dairy because there are a number of vegetarians coming.  One has offered to make a sweet, real dairy, noodle kugel.  My problem is that I have no idea what to make to go with it.  We are somewhere between 6-10 people.  Normally for a dairy meal I'd do either lasagna or taco bake but neither sounds right to me in this context.  Help.

Edited to add: I don't do fish unless it is gummy fish. Suggestions for salmon would go perfect with this if only I did.
Tasha Turner Lennhoff

Good shabbos

We had out-of-town guests.  A blogger[info]llennhoff  knows and comments on frequently.  It was a great weekend.  Some interesting discussions happened at the meals.  We also had a very diverse group.  The out of towners were a Conservative couple that are fairly observant but very egal.  Friday night included a family that splits their time between the most modern shul in town and the chassidic shul.  The other family davens at Agudath.  And one of my best friends who recently moved to town and is trying to figure out where she fits as she has been going through many changes. 

In addition we had kids ranging from 4 months to 13 years.  I have to say these were great kids.  I set the ground rules - join us for kiddush, motzie, and check out the food, then they are welcome to play, but not too wildly, in the other room.  This was the 1st time for one of the families.  The other remembered my policy from a previous visit.  I believe there was one incident between the brother and sister that was settled in about 30 seconds and I think most of the table missed it.  Kids even cleaned up after themselves.  When we were getting ready to bentch I suggested to the 6 year that old he start packing up and get ready to head for home as otherwise he might end up having to leave his toys behind to pick up another day as it had gotten really late (11ish).  His parents looked up during bentching to see him quietely cleaning up and when the 13 year old (other family) finished bentching he went in and helped find the pieces that had gotten under tables and chairs.

Table conversation on my end was interesting and it was great to catch up with friends that I only see occasionally and that I have some strange connections to.  One stayed in my house before we moved in and when the kitchen did not work as the house was under construction.  The other had been one of the first to get stuff from my kosher gemach/lending kitchen and in the next few weeks we will be kashering her grandmother's china per one of the local rabbis.

Saturday lunch was also interesting.  A much smaller group - 7 instead of 13.  Meal was more casual.  At one point the discussion of the lack of ritual clothing for women came up and I shocked myself by disagreeing and saying tznius clothing is ritual garb.  She said "but muslims and xians also dress modest" to which I replied "but we dress differently and we do it for different reasons".  So I gave her something to think about and myself something to think about as apparently my way of looking at things is changing.

Food was fairly simple to put together as I'm trying to remember that I have fatigue. Also every single family had at least one dietary restriction so it brought back memories of cooking for friends in Wesborough.  One person needed very bland food, another needed no wheat, another no nuts (peanuts ok), low salt, low fat were required by a number of guests, and of course the vegetarian.

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Tasha Turner Lennhoff

Life has been crazy

I've not been on LJ much lately and am behind again by about 3 weeks.  Life has been very busy.  The company I've gone into business.  Debbie & I figured out that it really should be 4; each needing their own website and marketing material. Hopefully we will only need one LLC and operating agreement.  Some of my updates here are bits and pieces of things some of you may have seen over on FB, sorry for dupes.

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I'm not sure when I'll be back to regular reading, commenting, and posting. So that is my update.  Tell me what I've missed about your life in comments or by posting links to your posts.  I hope all of you are well and life is good. 
Tasha Turner Lennhoff

Quick update

My internet is finally really back.  They had to replace all of the outside wires to the house. 

I had a good couple of days in MA with my mom - I think we spent about 10 hours a day working on either digital photo archiving or working on her resume or my partnership agreement.  We made a lot of progress but still have tons to do. 

My next trip up I may be able to get together with folks.  I'm coming up for the Unity Shabbaton arriving Wednesday the 5th and staying hrough the 12th.  The shabbaton is Friday afternoon through 1pm Sunday.   When I know my schedule better I'll post.  Hopefully I can at least manage one dinner at taam china.
Tasha Turner Lennhoff

Internet back...

I love my community. They have a yahoo group and I posted that I was in need of a modem and got 3 replies and today we picked up 2 modems to try. One is exactly the same model as we were using. It took 5 minutes to get it setup & change password & user information and it looks like I am up & running.  Big yay here as it has been over 3 weeks since I had a reliable internet connection.  They fixed other things with our lines also that may make the connection faster... although frankly since we are wireless I'm not sure how much of a difference it will make.
Tasha Turner Lennhoff


Today we met with 3 guys from SCORE .  We were not sure what to expect.  And while they do these meetings all the time they are never sure what the 1st meeting will be like.  Over the last couple of weeks I've taken some time out from cleaning up the zazzle and cafe press stores and designing the website to write a partnership agreement and a business plan.  Today we brought both with us to the meeting.  The guys were pretty impressed with how far along we were for a first meeting (and told us so at the end of the meeting). 

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