Malka Esther (malkaesther) wrote,
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Updates & requests for help

I've been sick, depression, hibernation mode for the last few months and not online a lot except to play games.  I'm starting to come out of that.  On that note I wanted to mention a few things related to my business and help I could use related to them.

I've bene a bit more active on FB as it seems to be easier to do a quick update there then it does here where I feel like I have to have something important to say.

On that note I'm going to repost a few things from FB related to my business and help I'm looking for.

I'm looking for help related to my businesses. I need a few people that are willing to be part of an unofficial panel to help me with an idea I have. I'm looking for a few artist - professional and amateurs as well as some people in the non-profit field.  What I need help with is creating a document where artist release permission to use their work but not sign over their work to non-profits to be included in the non-profit stores (and possibly framed prints put up for sale at auctions") I'm setting up. You can learn about my new business from our still-draft/in-progress website . We are still in the early stages and have only approached 3 businesses so far. Our first client store can be found at . I intend to redo the design and could use feedback on the text.  Do you understand what the busienss is based on the text? What questions do you have after you've surfed the website?  All feedback is welcome. Also any sugestions for non-profits or small businesses that you think might want to use our service are welcome.  Feel free to comment here or to email me through my profile.

I have a lot to do on the website and any advice is appreciated. I'll be redoing it as I learn how to use CSS and hopefully I'll learn enough to be able to make the zazzle fundraising stores look similar to the non-profit's websites we handle. Any thoughts and advice appreciated. If you are willing to be on our unofficial advisory committee please comment or email me.  We are new to this and could use all the help we can get.  Future goals include helping to train others to do something similar with non-profits & small businesses in their area.  And we are willing to include credits on our various websites to those that help with creating them and editing them and helping those that help us with being references and being part of their portfolio. 

On another note a number of my friends may get email or see LJ post asking about being on a different unoficial advisory committee. We have several businessess that are starting and some are for a very specific communitee where I will be looking for advice from people in that communittee but generally we will not have the businesses too closely linked.  So if you get an email (or see a filtered post) please let me know if you are willing to help with that end.

And finally I'm also looking for people that are willing to help me as I learn CSS and as I learn to create a couple websites based on databases for our graphic design business that is tied into zazzle & cafepress.

I'm really stretched thin and not getting as far as I'd like. We are unable to pay for design for the websites but are willing to pay a share of the profits from the websites if someone is willing to do the design.  I have the navigation designed and much of the text started. And I'm willing to help in other ways / bartering of sorts for my skills and your skills. Debbie Israel and I would really like to see some income coming in from the several businesses we are starting but both of us are feeling pretty overwhelmed at this time.

So that is what is going on with us at the moment.

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