Malka Esther (malkaesther) wrote,
Malka Esther

More buiness advice requested

Looking for advice. I need to buy web design software preferabley something that works with databasing. But it needs to be fairly gui based as I'm not very technical. So unless someone offers to do my websites in hwich case that impacts what ...I buy what do my friends suggest? I'll be designing 6 websites. More in comments,

Two are personal, including redoing my site from scratch and adding a blog. 2 will be for our own graphic designs which I want to database as I think that will be the easiest way to add new graphics to categories and link them to the stores (zazzle & cafe press and a few others) where products can be bought with our graphics on them... Read More. One will be my partners personal website which will link to our other sites as well as possibly include a blog. And 2 will be for non-profits that we are proposing to set up online, for free, permanent fundraisers using zazzle and hopefully including their logos as well as donated "permission to use" digital versions of artwork. And finally I am doing a site for my nephew who takes increadible pictures and so I want to set up a database based website for his artwork which will be sold on zazzle.

Pretty ambition for someone who has no web design experience beyond FrontPage. So any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance you can give me.

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