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Malka Esther

My Crazy Life

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8 March
I'm in my 40s, married, have 1 cat, and converted to judaism. I'm modern orthodox and have had 3 conversions: Gerus L'chumrah 11/2006, orthodox conversion 12/2001, conservative conversion 2/2000. In March of 2012 I survived being hit by a Mac Truck. I've suffered from chronic fatigue for 10 years which limits my ability to work out of the house.

I have written a number of computer manuals and managed a tech writing group as well as editing others work for 20 years.

This journal started out as a way for me to read friends locked entries and on and off is a place where I discuss various business ventures and my life. I'm more active on Tasha Turner FB .

Now Fun Bio
Tasha Turner is not the illegitimate daughter of any satmar rav from whom did she not acquire her knowledge of the Satmar Jewish community. Neither is she the Renfield of any conventional vampire. She is not an acolyte of Lilith who created the Jewish vampires. Tasha Turner is a pseudonym.

The 1st story I wrote was published in the Gage Project anthology. I wrote it for a friend of a friends son in about 4 hours who was going to be having surgery to cheer him up. I was not expecting it to be accepted and published as it stood. But it was. The Jewish Vamp & The Confused Slayer is on page 144 according to the "Look inside" feature.

The Satmar Vampire was the 1st book my co-author and I planned to write. But as I've worked on it other short stories are insisting on being told and the characters are having vicious fights in my head. I have given in to the characters and am working on a series of shorts based on the world-building in The Satmar Vampire to be released first. One is a total rewrite of The Jewish Vamp & The Confused Slayer.

Shameless promotions for myself, friends, and organizations

My website for social media coaching services, where I blog, and Jewish vampire discussions<a href="http://tasha-turner.com >Tasha Turner Coaching</a> Check out my wishlist (http://tinyurl.com/5sft7v) where I am an associate so anything bought after clicking this link gets me Amazon $s. Tri Destiny Publishing is a fairly new small press I consult with http://www.tridestinypublishing.com/ A friend, Michael Burstein, 1st SF book can be found at: http://www.bursteinbooks.com/index.shtml Support Khal Chassidim of Highland Park by shopping through http://tinyurl.com/2awwwv Support Israel and Congregation Ahavas Achim by going to Zara Mart (http://tinyurl.com/2a2mgn ) and buying Israeli food, gifts, and Judaica Help out a kosher food pantry by shopping at http://tinyurl.com/jfvs-zazzle

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